NetBackup 7.7 Enhancements:

  • Create fewer more consistent GUIs
    • JAVA Admin Console enhancements to address functionality gaps with Windows GUI Admin Console which will not be supported with NetBackup 7.7. The Java console offers better security, performance and features than older MFC GUI.
  • Reduce the number of steps needed to manage protection of my Microsoft SQL Database Environment including discovery/browsing of databases, file groups and db files
    • SQL Intelligent Policy
  • Increase support for NetApp cDOT filer cluster aware backups
    • NDMP Basic cDOT support
  • Additional support for Replication Director(RD) for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT)
    • Replication Director for NetApp cDOT support
  • Automatically discovering Hyper-V VMs
    • Using Hyper-V Intelligent Policy, streamline the process of discovering and protecting the VMs which meet the protection policy and SLAs
  • Reduce dependency of Virtualization admin on Backup admin to recover the virtual environment instantly, leading to potential SLA slippage and loss of productivity
    • Instant Recovery via VMware vCenter Web Plugin. This capability offers a quick mechanism to verify backup or act as a test environment for patch updates, etc.
  • Reduce dependency of Hyper-V VM Admin on the Backup Admin to perform the VM restores
    • Optimize resources by empowering a Hyper-V VM Admin to monitor and recover the VMs System Center Add-in which enables self-recovery of a VM 
  • Performance and compatibility with Cloud Connectors
    • Enhance cloud connector performance and expand compatibility with S3 Compatible Cloud providers Google Nearline, Amazon PUBLIC, Amazon Gov, and Hitachi
  • Identify and log the "who" behind user-initiated actions in NetBackup to meet compliance requirements
    • Auditing User Actions
  • Visibility of content inside the snapshotted or replicated volume in the NetBackup catalog in a performant manner
    • Replication Director NDMP Indexing which utilizes the NetApp native array based indexing services to provide a performance improvement on the time required for indexing after first full volume index
  • Reduce support case times and minimize customer effort to get log data
    • Logging Enhancements for space management and “always on” logging for critical processes
  • Increase support of FIPS compliant keys
    • KMS import/export and co-existence FIPS and non-FIPS compliant keys
  • Staying current with latest VMware updates
    • VMware protection verification with vSphere 5.5 U2 and vSphere 6 support
  • Increase BMR support for new Microsoft Windows environments
    • BMR support for Hyper-V 2012 R2, Advanced Format 512e drives and ReFS volumes
  • Provide SAP HANA protection on Red Hat
    • Support of SAP HANA to the Red Hat Platform (RHEL 6.5)



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