NetBackup 8.1

Mit NBU 8.1 (GA Datum 26.09.2017) erhalten wir eine geballte Ladung an neuen Funktionen. Der Nachfolgerelease von NetBackup 8.0 (seit Dezember 2016) war für Sommer 2017 geplant, musst aber auf Grund der verschiedenen Security Vulnerabilities nach hinten verschoben werden...

MBCO bietet ihnen einen einstündigen Vorort Überblick zu den neuen NBU 8.1 Funktionen, kontaktieren Sie uns zwecks Terminvereinbarung. Sind sie schon an der Upgrade-Planung? Wir unterstützen Sie, denn wir haben alle Beta-Tests mitgemacht und kennen den 8.1 Release schon seit Anfang 2017!
  • NetBackup CloudCatalyst – Faster, storage-efficient backups to the cloud with deduplication
  • NetBackup Parallel Streaming – Faster, scale-out backups for Big Data and Hyperconverged clusters
  • NetBackup for Hadoop/HDFS – Parallel, scale-out backups of Hadoop/HDFS clusters
  • NetBackup for Nutanix – Parallel, scale-out backups of Nutanix clusters
  • NetBackup for MySQL – Database-aware backup of MySQL databases
  • Granular VMware backup and recovery – Select virtual drives with a new recovery UI
  • Instant Recovery for Oracle – Access Oracle databases directly from NetBackup Appliance storage
  • NetBackup Accelerator for Dell EMC Isilon – Up to 50% faster NDMP backups for Isilon filers
  • Easier Deployment – Deployment templates and native packaging for all clients
  • Hardened Security – Secure communications and improved encryption options for MSDP storage
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance – Deploy into existing virtual environments, including data centers and remote offices


Key Features in 3.1 NetBackup Appliance - GA Release 2. Okt. 2017 - All previous feature releases included

  • NetBackup 5340 Appliance - Increased capacity to almost 2 PB and achieve 25% greater throughput
  • NetBackup CloudCatalyst – Faster, storage-efficient backups to the cloud with deduplication
  • High Availability for the NetBackup 5330 and 5340 - Reduce planned downtime to nearly zero
  • NetBackup 5330 – Capacity expansion to 1.3PB
  • NetBackup 5240 – Capacity expansion to 300TB
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance for data centers - Resilient enterprise data protection for up to 250 TB
  • Universal Share - Save cost and flexibly protect almost any workload with
  • NetBackup Copilot for Oracle - Instantly recover Oracle databases
  • Centralized management - Manage all NetBackup Appliances from a single pane of glass
  • + Corresponding NetBackup Software Release


NetBackup 8.1 "New Features"


  • NetBackup now supports backup and restore of MySQL
    • Currently, Backup, Restore and Restore to an Alternate Client is supported.

Big Data

  • NetBackup nows upports Full and Incremental backup/restore of Hadoop (HDFS)
    • Currently, Apache Hadoop distribution versions 2.8.1 , 2.7.3 , 2.6.5 and 2.5.2 are supported
  • NetBackup now supports backup/restore of Virtual Machines hosted on Nutanix-AHV Cluster
    • Currently, Full VM backup and restore is supported. The restore would be done to a staging location or NFS path and then the provided utility can be used to host the VM by using the restored disks from the staging location


  • Backup/restore data from Amazon S3 in virtual provide cloud (VPC) environment
    • NetBackup 8.1 now supports Amazon VPC endpoints. This will enable NetBackup to work in VPC environments without the need to communicate outside of VPC environment. In previous NBU releases, authentication for Amazon S3 was done with US-standard (us-east-1) region. With this enhancement, NetBackup can authenticate to any Amazon supported regions, thus providing support for Amazon VPC
  • Support for S3 and older v5 authentication for CMCC
    • NetBackup 8.1 includes English support for CMCC cloud


  • Selectively choose which VMware virtual machines disks (VMDKs) to back up
  • Recovery of individual VMDK disks
    • NetBackup now supports recovery of individual VMDK disks that have been backed up using a Vmware backup policy through the GUI
  • Web Client Plugin (VWCP) installation method that is efficient and easy to deploy
    • With the VWCP wizard, deployment of the plugin is streamlined
    • Note: The NetBackup Plug-in for vSphere Web Client replaces the Plug-in for VMware vCenter
  • Vmware backups/restores supports extended non-ascii character sets
    • With NetBackup 8.1 Vmware backups/restores now support some additional non-ascii character sets. If your company uses these characters, you can test this out by verifying they are retained in your backups/restores. Please refer to the NetBackup for Vmware Administrator’s Guide for specifics on this change in limitation.


  • Accelerator for EMC Isilon
    • The NetBackup Accelerator feature now works with Isilon filers. After an initial full backup to build the tracklog, Isilon filers can be backed up in a fraction of the time leveraging NetBackup Accelerator


  • Enhance the security of the channel used for communication between NetBackup hosts
    • NetBackup hosts and Java Administration Console would use a new proxy process ( vnetd-proxy ) for enhanced secured channel for communication
  • Securely setup trust between different versions of master servers for NetBackup targeted Auto Image Replication (AIR)
    • NetBackup has heightened security for setting up trust between master servers by exchanging certificates and the NetBackup Administration Console helps setting up this trust between different versions of master servers
    • View: How to enable the Auto Image Replication (A.I.R.) import confirmation feature in NetBackup 8.1
  • View additional security audit events such as host, connection and security configuration
    • Various security related audit events in the categories of Certificate, Token, Connection, Host and Security Configuration are available in the security audit report
  • Improve security between hosts in a NetBackup domain
    • NetBackup now includes host identity verification on a secure channel observing all existing host name and host ID-to-host name mappings. Mappings can now be auto-approved or require more secure manual approval intervention using NetBackup Administration Console or Commands
  • Support 8.1 and earlier hosts
    • NetBackup master server uses a connection strategy that includes back-level host check and can be connected securely or insecurely
  • Clients in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) are able to send web service requests to the NetBackup master server
    • Secure web service communication is required between NetBackup Clients and NetBackup Master Server for deploying certificates, getting accurate licensing information, and gathering telemetry data. If the NetBackup client is in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) and the NetBackup master server is in a protected network, and if the NetBackup client is unable to send web service requests to the master server, then the web service communication will fail. To enable the web service communication between the NetBackup client and master serve in a secure environment, an HTTP tunnel is implemented on the media server, which works out-of-the-box and seamlessly handles web service requests from client to the master server and vice versa
  • Use of the latest TLS RFC5246 protocol for communications
    • NetBackup 8.1 is now more secure with the use of the latest TLS RFC5246 protocol for communications
  • The complexity in configuring NetBackup in a cluster could be reduced through automated steps
    • NetBackup now detects the client cluster and automatically configures the virtual name for failover
  • Validate the master server fingerprint and deploy security certificates during media server and client
    • The NetBackup installers will now allow customers to validate the master server fingerprint and deploy security certificates during media server and client installation
  • Standardized certificate revocation mechanism for the trusted hosts to communicate securely with one another
    • In NetBackup 8.1, certificate revocation support has been implemented that will prevent a host with revoked certificate from participating in any communication in a NetBackup Domain. The reason for revocation of the certificate can be because of host being decommissioned, key being compromised, suspension of privileges, or data on hold for certain legal investigation


  • Adding a media server and storage configuration doesn't require any service restarts
    • In NetBackup 8.1, adding a media server and storage configuration doesn't require any service restarts on the Master. The Admin Guide will be updated to remove the "Service restart" step
  • Automate the deployment of NetBackup clients at scale
    • By Veritas delivering a Chef & SCCM templates to me, I no longer need to spend time & money breaking apart and retooling these NetBackup packages. Therefore, my Chef & SCCM tools’ automation can maximize my efficiency in deployment the way I expected it to. Additional notes: The Chef & SCCM templates are provided to install, uninstall and upgrade NetBackup Clients. You can copy these templates in your 3rd party tools’ environment and upload it to Chef/SCCM Server. You can modify these as per your requirements and deploy it using Chef/SCCM-client. Refer the file for more details
  • Native packaging for installation
    • NetBackup now ships with UNIX Solaris Sparc, Solaris X86-64, AIX64, and HPIA client native packaging


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